Mark Garrett

     Mark is an original member of the group. Mark has been singing for over twenty-five years. Mark started out as the original baritone for the group but later moved to the lead part. Mark works at his family business in Rockmart and is co-owner of WZOT radio in Rockmart. Mark resides in Rockmart with his wife Donna. They have a son, Zach and his wife Karyl along with their children Bella, Porter and Rose. They also have a daughter, Elyse and her husband, Joey Beck and their daughters Zoella.


Mark Lumpkin

     Mark is another of the original members of the group. Mark, along with Mark Garrett, started the group over twenty-five years ago. Mark has been singing tenor for the group since its beginning. Mark serves as Director of Assessment and Pre K in Polk School District. Mark is also co-owner of WZOT Radio in Rockmart. Mark resides in Rockmart with his wife, Dena, and son, Andrew. 




 Greg Gober
     Greg is a longtime member of the group. Greg joined the group in 1990 as the bass singer. Prior to singing with Heirborn, Greg sang with another local group. Greg works for the U.S. Postal Service in Cartersville. Greg resides in Rockmart with his wife, Kristy, and their children, Olivia, Ethan and Isaac.



Chris Barker