Some dates may be showing that the group is available with nothing booked for that day. However, some dates are held for personal reasons for the group. Please email or message the group on Facebook to check.

Thank you.

Date Event Location
Cornerstone Baptist Taylorsville, GA Taylorsville, GA
Victory Baptist Douglasville, GA Douglasville, GA
The Ole Country Church McDonough, GA McDonough, GA
Full Gospel Centre, AL Centre, AL
Flovilla Baptist Flovilla, GA Flovilla, GA
New Beginnings Summerville, GA Summerville, GA
Mill Creek Baptist Woodstock, GA Woodstock, GA
Grayhill Church of God LaGrange, GA LaGrange, GA
Morning View Baptist Rockmart, GA Rockmart, GA
New Hope Baptist Glencoe, AL Glencoe, AL
Eden Valley Baptist Lindale, GA Lindale, GA
Croft Ferry Baptist Ballplay, AL Ballplay, AL
Crown View Baptist Dalton, GA Dalton, GA
Salem Baptist Piedmont, AL Piedmont, AL
Peachtree Baptist Carrollton, GA Carrollton, GA
Bethel Crossroads Taylorsville, GA Taylorsville, GA
Northwood Baptist Shannon, GA Shannon, GA
The Ole Country Church McDonough, GA McDonough, GA
Antioch Baptist Cedartown, GA Cedartown, GA
Goodyear Heights Baptist Gadsden, AL Gadsden, AL